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Hop Spot

Tired of paying high prices for warm beer? Come check out the award winning beer selections at Hop Spot@HotSpot! We carry hundreds of professionally curated beer selections from crispy lagers, to stouts and IPA’s, to hype smoothie sours, and even specialty rauchbiers, milds, and farmhouse ales. Our hoppy beers, delicate lagers, and smoothies are all meticulously stored and refrigerated at optimal temperatures so that delicate hop aromas are preserved and your beer doesn’t explode. Most of the beers we offer through our expanded sets are never found outside of specialty bottleshops, and we work with dozens of artisanal distributors and small breweries to make it happen.

We undeniably have the best craft selection of all c- stores in SC and NC. The HopSpot is especially loved among those “in the industry” as we sell beer between 7am and 2am everyday.

Meet our beer buyer, Wilton Jordan III, a lifelong beer advocate and purveyor of the best C-Store beer program on the East Coast. Click here to learn more about our beer buyer and how you can contact him for assistance.

Hop Spot Locations:

“Poor Boys” Our top selling and fastest rotating spot. This lively West Asheville Hot Spot is the busiest store in Asheville and a favorite among locals and tourists looking to score the most exclusive brews, cider, seltzer, mead, and the best wine selections of all our stores. Our beer buyer, Wilton Jordan III, is constantly in this store due to the rapid turnover of selections here. The alternative beverage sections with non alcoholics, ciders, selzers and kombucha is unrivaled portfolio-wise. This store often has special releases sell out within the week so check back as soon as possible in order to catch beers when they drop. The shelves here never look the same!

Brevard Road is Poor Boys sister store in South Asheville, this friendly neighborhood store is a mecca for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts as it is the gateway to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Bent Creek Forest, and Pisgah. Catch up on choice beverages before you: rip it up on the trails, hit the campsite for some bonfire beers, or take a dip in our many WNC swimming holes. While it is a smaller store compared to our West Asheville location, this store makes up for it with a highly curated selection of best sellers and hype releases. Most of our best beer will make it to this store.

East Henry in Downtown Spartanburg SC is our original location. With the largest selection (over 400) of refrigerated craft beers in Spartanburg, their huge beer cave is the coolest spot in town. Since 2012 this unassuming urban gas station has been the home of craft beer in the Hub City. We are rated as the “Best Beer Store” in Spartanburg and our expert beer buyer, Wilton Jordan III, commutes twice weekly from Asheville in order to ensure the finest offerings are in the hands of Hub City residents!

Franklin Hop Spot in Franklin, NC is our most rural location and the best beer store west of Asheville. This downtown haunt, beloved by an intersection of old timers and newcomers from across the “western-western”area of the state, fills a crucial role in providing lifeblood to the enthusiast beer drinker. Beers typically unseen west of Asheville are picked up from the brewery directly meaning that most of the beer you will see here are unavailable anywhere else within an hour’s drive. Our buyer takes a trip up the mountain weekly in order to ensure the coolers are filled with the hottest new releases.

This is the top craft beer spot along the Appalachian Trail and a favorite after hike pastime is loading up on some top shelf brews and drinking them at (BYOB) Cafe Rel, located inside our store. Cafe Rel is undisputably known as the best restaurant in town and sports high end French Cuisine at an affordable rate, with almost every entree under 20USD.


East Henry Hot Spot
Downtown Spartanburg
Poor Boys Hot Spot
Leicester Highway, Asheville
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Brevard Rd Hot Spot
1118 Brevard Rd, Asheville, NC
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Franklin Hot Spot
459 E Main St, Franklin, NC
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We want to be your craft beer destination. Our craft offering is called Hop Spot! We are working hard to build more space inside of our stores to increase the scope of our craft offering. Look for our beer caves and dedicated craft doors at selected Hot Spots! Hold onto your hats because we are dedicated to offering beer that will appeal to the craft enthusiast and to the person who just wants a taste of something different. Walk into any other convenience store or grocery store and you will find a few good craft beers (or maybe not!) mixed in with many beers that are pseudo-crafts. We hand pick what is available and we are using BeerAdvocate, RateBeer, and Untapped as aids to determining what we should offer. We welcome your input! Experience the difference! Come to the flame!

Craft Beer!

The Brewers Association says there were 5,301 craft breweries in the United States at the end of 2016. At the end of 2012, there were 4,548 craft breweries. This is an increase of more than 16% in a single year. In 2004 there were 1,413 craft breweries. The number of craft breweries represents an explosive growth in the availability of locally and regionally brewed beer. Convenience stores, in general, have limited space for adding new brands. Hot Spot wants to be your destination for Craft Beer. To accomplish that goal we are constantly searching for the best locally and regionally brewed craft beer as well as the best nationally and internationally brewed craft beer. Inventory is constantly changing as we strive to get the best beer to you. Our vendors have recognized our commitment and they are helping us in our effort to offer you the widest variety of excellent craft beer.

Hop Spot
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Hold onto your hats because we are dedicated to offering beer that appeals to the craft enthusiast and to those that want a taste of something different.