Coffee & Beverages

hop spot logoJava Spot coffee is made from the finest beans from around the world. Exotic regions and custom blends of beans make our 8 flavors unique and satisfying!  Java Spot coffee –pour yourself a cup at your favorite Hot Spot.

With up to fifteen different kinds of Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino flavors available your local Hot Spot, Java Spot Coffee will have your taste buds wide awake and asking for a second cup!

F’Real Milkshakes are just the cool blast of favor you need to cool off at Hot Spot. Fruit Smoothies and real ice cream shakes are at the touch of a button!

Splash Mountain is the most premium slushie on the planet! They’re cold and delicious with your favorite flavors and awesome colors. Cool off today at your local Hot Spot!

Hop Spot is the name of our Craft Beer focused offerings. We are intent on selling the finest locally, regionally, and nationally brewed beers to our customers.  The primary driving force of this initiative is that the inventory selection is driven by beer enthusiasts who are experts on the best brews, helping us bring you the best beer we can find.

Of course, Hot Spot sells all of the popular brands at great prices that you expect to see at every . However, we believe that there is a strong movement toward consuming beer with more flavor. That usually mean that it’s produced in small batches by bearded fellows in overalls.  Wait, wrong beverage!  Craft beer is produced by people who love beer.  The brewers come in all shapes and sizes and they are pushing the envelope of flavor in a continuous process.

At Hop Spot we have dedicated ourselves to promoting local breweries.  We are building and stocking beer caves in our bigger stores and dedicating shelf space in our smaller stores to bring variety, flavor, and enjoyment to our customers.  

Get yourself down to the Hop Spot and get onboard the craft beer train.  Come to the Flame!  

Our Facebook page is dedicated to our downtown Spartanburg Hop Spot, where we have lots of room for seasonal brews and over 200 different craft beers.  Inventory is constantly changing, so if you haven’t been in a while, come by and check us out.  There are some outstanding beers waiting for you!

Wilton Jordan
Hot Spot