Canton Hot Spot, Highway 19-23

img-0Are you a Beer Geek?

Welcome to the Hop Spot in your town.  Our craft beer offering is driven by our desire to showcase local and regionally produced beer at competitive prices.  We also handpick nationally produced craft beers with aim at providing the highest quality and a good variety.  Click on the links below to identify the Hot Spots that have the largest selection.  Every Hot Spot will have craft beer but many will have a full blown beer cave with a quality selection of craft beer at great prices.

Tired of paying a fortune for your craft beer?  Looking for down home people who are happy to see you and appreciate your business?  How about a cold craft beer cave filled with as many locally produced beers available at excellent prices?

Don’t drive to Asheville for your craft beer!  We’re your hometown store and we have a good selection of quality craft beer in our delectably cold Hop Spot Beer Cave.  Open 24-7, year round!  You’ll find a friendly atmosphere and great prices at this store.  Come to the flame!

Don’t buy beer that has been sitting on a hot shelf, come to the Hop Spot and get Hoppy!