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Please read the following statements carefully:

  • Jordan Oil Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such will recruit and
    hire employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age,
    political affiliation or disability except when physical condition is a bonafide
    occupational qualification.
  • This application must be filled out in detail. Failure to complete all sections
    or to agree (see below) to this form may result in its being returned for completion,
    causing delay or possible disqualification.
  • I understand and agree that acceptance of this application in no way obligates the
    Jordan Oil Company to employ me nor confirms that there are any positions available.
  • As an applicant for employment with the Jordan Oil Company, I have furnished information
    for use in determining my qualifications for employment. By submitting this application,
    I hereby authorize the Jordan Oil Company to conduct a thorough background investigation
    to further support the statements contained herein.
  • I hereby release the Jordan Oil Company, current and past employers and references
    named herein (or in accompanying resume), from liability or damage resulting from
    providing the information requested.
  • I agree to submit to a drug use test. The results of such analysis may be grounds
    for disqualifying me or terminating my employment.
  • I understand and agree that, if employed, I will be an employee at will and will
    have the right to terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause, and
    that the Jordan Oil Company shall have the same right.
  • If employed, I agree to abide by all present and subsequently issued personnel policies
    and rules of the Jordan Oil Company.
  • I understand that, if hired, I must meet the eligibility verification requirements
    of the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Service and submit appropriate documentation
    to satisfy the requirements of completing INS Form I-9. (A list of acceptable documents
    is available through the Personnel Department. However, the most commonly used identification
    is (1) a passport or (2) a Social Security card and driver’s license.)
  • I do not object to being fingerprinted.
  • I will take a polygraph test when requested to do so by management in accordance
    with Public Law 100-347 (Employee Polygraph Protection Act), dated June 27, 1988,
    in conjunction with an on-going investigation.
  • I hereby affirm that all statements made herein are true and correct to the best
    of my knowledge and understand that any misrepresentation may result in my being
    disqualified from further consideration or being terminated should I already be
    employed by the Jordan Oil Company.